Stories From Our First Warehouse

When DETH started to take off in November of 2020, I was working from my garage packing orders myself from sun up to sun down, I barely had time to eat just to keep up with the orders that were rolling in. I wanted to slow down, but everyone in my life pushed me to keep up with the momentum. After a few weeks, a friend offered to rent out his commercial warehouse space (I'm sure he could imagine how chaotic my garage was). It was a unique opportunity since no landlord would have qualified me as a legitimate tenant to occupy their building. I mean, honestly, my business had really only been running for a few weeks and I wasn’t in a position to sign a 5 or 10 year lease since I had no idea where this brand was going to go- it was literally only a few weeks old. 

I hired a guy with a truck from my neighborhood to load up my inventory from my garage and take it to the new space, and by the next day I was shipping orders- and the day after that, I brought on my first full time employee, Julienne. This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. 

We stayed in this warehouse for probably 6 months or so. I'm honestly not great at remembering months or years of my life, but what an interesting time this was. We were in a sketchy part of the valley in Los Angeles, right next to a happy ending massage parlor. We always locked our doors and watched through the windows as strange men would wander their way into this creepy massage place. There was a great Indian spot down the street with great lunch specials and huge portions that we ate until we were sick of it. Even to this day, a year later since I’ve had it, I can’t even think about eating there again. 


Julienne and I became fast friends as she was so willing to take on whatever task was needed to help us grow the brand, and we were so excited by the endless possibilities of things we could do to improve. For me, it was so nice to have someone who was there to think with and truly cared about this business more than just a clock in/ clock out kind of job.

One of my funniest memories was the time we were sure we cracked the code to going viral on tik tok. There was a billboard on top of our building that we climbed up to (Julienne's mom was very concerned after seeing this video), and we acted out a skit we created based off of a scene from “The Office”. It was probably over 100 degrees out, and the cars driving by were slowing down trying to figure out what was going on. We climbed up and down the billboard multiple times to get the best takes- and in the end, after multiple hours invested in this brilliant tik tok, it got only a few thousand views.

Another time, or multiple times I must say, we showed up to work with a big pile of human poop at our entrance. Our entrance was a bit hidden, so it’s likely that someone living on the streets felt it was a safe place to relieve themselves. Grasping at content ideas and trying to find our niche on tik tok, we based a new tik tok concept - a reality show- based off of this scenario (the mysterious serial pooper). Our reality show didn’t make it past our pilot and I think we’ve deleted this video by now, as it is extremely embarrassing, but if you find it somewhere on the internet - you’re welcome. Unfortunately, this tik tok concept flopped as well.

- Jordyn