Our Favorite Vegan Documentaries

Our team at DETH put together a list of our favorite vegan documentaries that we love to recommend to non vegans who need a little push to make the switch. These documentaries take a deep dive into everything from the health benefits and environmental impact of ditching animal products, to exposing the animal cruelty involved in these industries. 

If you’re not already vegan, we dare you to watch a few of these documentaries and report back.

  • Game Changers
  • This documentary film is one of our favorite documentaries to recommend to athletes and health nuts who are hesitant to go vegan because they fear it will impact their performance. This film interviews experts in multiple fields, and tells the stories of successful athletes who are thriving on a vegan diet.

  • What the health 
  • What the Health our all time favorite vegan documentary. This film brings to light the government corruption and marketing power behind big businesses convincing us that the products they produce are safe and even healthy to eat. This documentary is an eye opener to those who still look to the government for health advice.

  • Cowspiracy 
  • Cowspiracy covers the environmental impact of animal agriculture and takes a deep dive into climate change, deforestation, water use, and ocean dead zones and how the meat and dairy industry is actually the primary cause of environmental destruction. 

  • Vegucated
  • This film documents the lives of 3 non vegan New Yorkers as they commit to a vegan diet for 6 weeks. 

  • Black fish
  • Blackfish tells the story of an orca named Tilikum who killed several people while in captivity and exposes the cruel treatment of orcas held in captivity in marine parks.  

  • Earthlings
  • Earthings covers the use and abuse of animals for food, entertainment, pets, and science. This film utilizes footage obtained from hidden cameras to expose the everyday practices of some of the largest industries in the world using animals. 

  • Dominion
  • One of the toughest documentaries to watch, but sure to convince whoever watches it to ditch animal products for good. The film focuses on all animals including companion animals, farm animals, wild animals, entertainment animals, fur animals, and animals used for animal testing. This film does include graphic, hard to watch footage, but it is very educational and will make a lasting impact. 

  • Seaspiracy 
  • An incredible documentary for your friends and family who still eat fish, Seaspiracy is a must-see film exposing the impact fishing has on our seas. 

  • Okja
  • Another DETH favorite, while not a documentary, Okja is heartbreaking and a perfect representation of what is happening in the world of animal agriculture today. This animated film is essentially about a young girl who raised a genetically modified pig who is taken to the United States to be used in the meat industry. The young girl had bonded with the pig and it becomes her mission to rescue the pig from the meat industry.