Vegan Sneakers We Love

If you're vegan and anything like us - you've probably spent hours searching online through the product descriptions of every cute pair of sneakers only to be disappointed to find out that they contain animal skin. We're constantly keeping our eyes out for vegan friendly sneakers because our crew includes a few sneaker heads, but also because we need to have solid recommendations for you guys (we get a lot of DMs on Instagram asking for recommendations, so we decided to take our recommendations to our blog).


Here are some vegan sneakers we love right now:


1. MoEa 

moea vegan sneaker


2. Comme Des Garcons 


3. Balenciaga Triple S 

vegan sneaker


4. Nike Blazer Mid '77 Next Nature

nike blazer mid vegan


5. Veja 

veja vegan sneaker


6. Nike Air Force 1 '07 Next Nature 

nike air force 1 vegan


Let us know if you have any other vegan sneaker recommendations that you would like to share. 


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  • Hey there! Thanks for posting this. I have a question about #4 on the list. Do you know if all the new Blazer 77’s are vegan? I have a pair that basically look just that, except the swoosh is orange. I bought a pair months ago and JUST realized that they may be leather.

    • N’Kai