Easy Ways To Be An Animal Activist

One of the biggest challenges as a vegan, for me, is not about getting enough protein, or figuring out what to eat at a non vegan restaurant, it is living among people who do not also live a vegan lifestyle. Many of us have parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, and siblings who are actively contributing to the animal suffering we are so committed to putting to an end. 

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone who gives you the impression that they understand your mission, love animals, and are against unnecessary animal suffering, and then the next day are eating a burger. I don’t really understand it myself, but my best guess is that they do agree with veganism to an extent, but aren’t ready to face the harsh reality or the impact their individual choices have on a large scale. 

    “Everyone loves the story of the cow that escaped a slaughterhouse, but no one wants to acknowledge that they were the reason they were there in the first place”. Over the years of being vegan and trying to help people see the truth has been overwhelmingly difficult, as so many people are simply not willing to open their eyes. It can take a toll on your outlook on life and your hope for humanity and the planet, but I find the best way to truly make a difference in this world is to take care of your mental health. There are so many ways to make a difference for animals without getting into pointless arguments with people that will in the end, make you feel hopeless.

    Here are my favorite ways to spread veganism:

    1. Wear Dont Eat The Homies (obviously). By wearing DETH you are literally a walking billboard for veganism. Everytime someone sees this message on your back, a seed will be planted in their minds. Maybe they won't change today or tomorrow, but the more they are exposed to this message, the sooner it will happen.

    2. Share vegan recipes, restaurants, and your favorite tips for vegan alternatives. Share stories and social media posts with information about veganism, whether it be about the animal abuse involved in eating animal products, the environmental impacts, health benefits, or even slaughterhouse footage (with a trigger warning).

    3. Recommend specific vegan documentaries to people that would like them. For example, game changers is great for people who care a lot about sports and health, seaspiracy is great for pescatarians, and what the health is great for people who may take an interest in the financial corruption aspect.

    4. Write yelp reviews or email restaurants that do not have any or enough vegan options. Imagine a restaurant got 5 yelp reviews a day asking for more vegan options - believe me, they will listen.

    5. Live your best life and lead by example. Show the world that you are happier and healthier than ever after making the decision to go vegan. Show empathy for the people who do not yet understand, because most of us were there at one point in our lives.