How Dont Eat The Homies Was Created

How DETH Started 

Jordyn Weekly, the creator of Dont Eat The Homies, started out without any experience working in fashion and without any aspirations of a career in fashion. In 2018, Jordyn sat awake one night after watching a vegan documentary, feeling hopeless and as if there was nothing she could do to stop people from contributing to the suffering to animals - she started brainstorming what she could actually do to save animals. It was that night that she decided to make a hoodie for herself on a random "print on demand" website. The hoodie said "Dont Eat The Homies" with images of small animals below.

She was tired of the arguments with stubborn people who were ignoring the abuse involved in the animal agriculture industry, and not the type to take a megaphone to the streets. So instead, she thought, by wearing this message on her back around LA, at the grocery store, restaurants, the airport, and everywhere people would see it, that she could make a difference - however small.

She wore her hoodie everywhere and people started noticing. Everyday she was asked about her hoodie, whether it was a question about veganism, or where they could buy this hoodie. It wasn’t long after wearing the hoodie around LA, Jordyn saw the impact this hoodie could have, and decided to make a few more for the people who had asked for them. Eventually, she created an instagram page and a shopify store to give others the same outlet she had to share this powerful message. She would send the orders from home, making a few trips to the post office per week, and she was so excited to see this message being shared.

In November of 2020, Jordyn took time away from her full time job due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and a 16 year old kid messaged her and offered her to try running ads for her small business. She agreed, and within days, just like that, the brand took off. She had no idea how to order inventory or how to organize her garage to keep up with the demand, but she was determined to make it work. Within the same month, Jordyn hired her first full time employee, Julienne and moved into their first warehouse space.

Of course, there have been many difficulties that come with starting a clothing business without any experience, and the journey has not been an easy one, but with the support of those around her, and the passionate community fighting alongside her, they were able to keep going and keep growing.

Today, DETH is worn by tens of thousands of people all over the world spreading this powerful message. Tens of thousands of walking billboards for animal rights, and growing. In addition to spreading awareness, DETH donates 10% of all sales to animal sanctuaries caring for rescued animals.

“There is nothing I would rather be doing than working for this cause.There’s a quote I love - “Maybe you can’t change the world- but you can change yourself.” I truly believe that our voices can change the world, and if everyone took personal responsibility for their actions, this world could be a beautiful place. We’re here to inspire people to do just that.” Said Jordyn.