How Jordyn Became Vegan

Jordyn became vegan in 2015, and her story just goes to show how one sentence can change someone's entire outlook on life. All forms of activism are helpful, and however you can get the message out there is probably going to change someone, or at least plant a seed in their minds. Some people are moved by slaughterhouse footage, some are moved by the health benefits, environmental impact, or simply just realizing that our bodies were not designed to eat meat. We’ve all been programmed from such a young age to believe we need to drink milk for strong bones, or that we need to eat meat for protein, and to break down this belief system can definitely be a challenge. 

For Jordyn, it was one sentence that changed her world. She was out to lunch with her new boss, he had just hired Jordyn to manage his real estate business in Arizona. They arrived to Flower Child in Arcadia, and decided to order a few items to share for the table. Jordyn had decided she wanted to order the Turkey Gouda wrap, and suggested this to her boss as they were deciding what to order. His response was, “You can get it, but I won’t eat it. I don’t eat dead animals”. 

A little bit in shock and slightly embarrassed, she was curious. This man was definitely not someone who looked like a vegetarian, and this was the first time Jordyn had ever thought of a Turkey Gouda wrap as eating a dead animal. She loved animals and in that moment, she begin to feel her own hypocrisy as she realized who she was about to eat. So, she let him order for the both of them and started asking the typical questions of a non vegan. “How do you get your protein?” “Do you have enough energy?” "What do you even eat?"


He was unfiltered and had a "tell it like it is" kind of attitude that Jordyn really appreciates when it comes to a reality check. 

With an open mind, Jordyn listened, and quickly understood that there really is no justification for taking someone else's life just for a quick lunch, or for anything for that matter. It was the first time she encountered someone who had opposed the typical narrative she had been taught her entire life. Jordyn grew up eating meat. Her father was a hunter and her mother cooked hearty beef stews often, and she had never been introduced to the idea of veganism other than the “hippies” she heard of that only ate granola and raw vegetables - or so she thought. 

After that lunch, Jordyn became a vegetarian, still not totally convinced why eating cheese and eggs was directly related to the immense suffering of animals. But, she began educating herself through youtube videos and vegan documentaries and within weeks decided to become fully vegan and an advocate for animal rights, but it wasn't for another few years until DONT EAT THE HOMIES was born.