NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Beginners guide to going vegan in 2019

Can you believe it’s almost 2019?! Since it is December and a lot of us try to make new year resolutions- I want to encourage anyone reading this to take a leap of faith and trust that going vegan will be the best new years resolution you probably ever made. If your resolutions in the past have been to get “healthy” or lose weight, just go vegan and you’ll "feed two birds with one scone" (The new way to say “kill two birds with one stone”).

 Here are some of my pro tips to get you motivated and make this transition as easy as possible.

1. I personally recommend cutting out all meat, dairy and eggs completely and immediately, but a lot of vegans will probably advise you to just “do your best” and take baby steps until you get there. It all depends on your personality and perspective, just please don't get discouraged if you make a mistake. At the end of the day, every dollar spent funding the meat, dairy and egg industry counts- so keep that in mind and do your best to put them out of business.

2. Watch youtube videos and Netflix documentaries. I love Joey CarbstrongJames Aspey, and Earthling Ed on youtube and really suggest everyone watch their videos. I also think its important to watch them alone and with an open mind, just to let it sink in before you take a side.

Netflix watch list:

What The Health



Food Inc.

3. Vegan alternatives 101:

  • The EASIEST way to start is to never ever drink or buy dairy milk again. Every grocery store and coffee shop has almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk, etc. Why on earth would anyone still drink milk that came from an animal?!
  • Trash the butter. Buy Earth Balance .
  • Discover Follow Your Heart. Swap out your Mayo and salad dressings for their vegan alternatives- you probably wont be able to tell the difference. If they don’t carry the brand in your local supermarket, order on amazon.
  • Veggie stock. You do not need beef broth or chicken broth. Its gross and you know it.
  • Jackfruit. Trust me on this one. I am literally obsessed with jackfruit. If you cook at home and feel like you’re missing something without meat on the table, check pinterest or just google jackfruit recipes and you’ll have endless recipes to try. Also order on Amazon (make sure you order the cans in brine, not syrup!)
  • Know the fast food vegan options in your city. I know it’s not as easy in some cities as it is in LA, but there ARE options. Seems simple, but maybe it isn’t as obvious as I think. My best advice is never let yourself become hangry and desperate. A veggie sandwich from Subway, or sofritas burrito from Chipotle. Just stay away from Mcdonalds. Enough said.
  • Vegan cheese. I hear a lot of non vegans say that they could never give up cheese (I used to be one of them). I will admit, vegan cheese is the only thing that is not as “tasty” as the "real thing", but its getting there. If the ethical stance doesn’t get ya on this one- do it for your health, your skin, or your waistline. Cheese is literally addictive. It contains casomorphine which by nature is intended to keep babies drinking their mothers milk. Combine that with a load of fat, salt, hormones, and animal cruelty and you’ve got yourself the worst food that probably ever existed.
  • Beyond Meat. I'm not super into meat alternatives, only because I simply don't miss it. BUT beyond meat is truly a game changer for people who feel like they need that meat-like taste or texture in their meals. If you haven't tried it yet- do me a solid and go try it- stat. 

4. Last but not least.. Wear Dont Eat The Homies.

Only kind of kidding ;)

When I started the brand I never expected to get the kind of love and support from total strangers that admire the message. Wearing the DETH brand turns heads and sparks conversation with people who may have never questioned their eating habits or beliefs. It's motivating to experience people begin to deprogram and eventually join the vegan movement. 

If you made it this far, THANK YOU for reading my first blog post, and if you don't follow on instagram yet, do me another solid and go do that now. 


Jordyn @ DETH